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Insulated Doors of Colorado is an authorized dealer of DKS DoorKing™.  We offer you a one stop shop for all your access control security needs.  We have a full line of DoorKing access control products.  Our product line includes RF Controls, Proximity Readers, Digital Keypads, Card Readers, Magnetic Door Locks, Electric locks, Magnetic Gate Locks, Access Controllers, and DoorKing accessories.


DoorKing Proximity Card Readers

DoorKing carries a full line of DKS, AWID and HID proximity card readers and cards.   These readers output the card data to the access controller (1833, 1835, 1837 or 1838) where the decision to grant or deny access is made.   These readers are ideal for both pedestrian and vehicular access control.   Proximity cards transmit their information to the card reader without any physical contact.   This provides an easy to use vandal resistant system.   Access is granted when a valid card is presented to the card reader.

Dimensions of the various card readers available vary with the reader make and the read distance.   As a general rule of thumb, the longer the read distance, the larger the card reader.

Card reader mounted on an enclosure for outdoor applications.
Indoor applications to control access to secure areas.
Key-fobs are small and fit on your key chain.
Contactless proximity readers require no touch to read the card.
Long range readers can read tags up to 9-feet away.
Proximity Readers
Access Cards


  • Because physical contact is not required, proximity cards can transmit their data through common building materials like: concrete, brick, stone, drywall, plaster, glass, wood, plastic...in fact, through anything but metal.
  • Proximity card readers are maintenance free.   There are no parts to wear out or adjust.
  • Passive card technology provides and unlimited number of "card reads" with no battery to wear out.   Active cards provide a much longer read range, but use a battery that will wear out in time (2-years approximately) and require replacement of the card.
  • Passive cards, unless they are physically abused, will last virtually forever.


  • 26-bit weigand output.
  • Most readers operate on 5-12 VDC.
  • Proximity readers are not designed for stand-alone operation and must be connected to an access controller.
  • DKS Readers
  • DKS Tiny, DKS-10 and DKS-20; up to 4" read range.
  • DKS-30; up to 12" read range.
  • DKS-70; up to 18" read range.
  • AWID Readers
  • SR-2400; up to 4" read range.
  • MM-6800, SP-6820; up to 8" read range.
  • Mr-1824; up to 18" read range.
  • LR-911; up to 9-feet read range.
  • HID Readers
  • ProxPoint; up to 3"read range.
  • MiniProx; up to 5" read range.
  • ThinLine II; up to 5" read range.


The DKS-10, AWID SR-2400 and the HID Thinline II readers are available with a surface mount enclosure to provide lighting and are suitable for mounting to a goose-neck post.
The above items may also be odered with a tracker expansion board installed in the enclosure.

We install and service all the following products.  Please contact our sales representative at 303-279-1292.  We are ready to service any of your access control needs.  Insulated Doors of Colorado is a service friendly company you can count on

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